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The pharmacy industry is broken as a whole. For the past century, the process has been the same. You get a medication prescribed, you head over to the pharmacy, you wait in line for an hour and the cashier ends up telling you one of two things: A. We don't have your medication in stock or B. Your insurance doesn't cover your medication in full and your copay is unrealistically expensive. Have a question regarding your medication? Good luck getting an answer because the pharmacists are too busy counting pills.

That seems all too normal if it was 1960 or even 2010, but we're in 2022 now and most pharmacies should get with the times. Thats why we started MEDS. Because the old pharmacy experience you're used too isn't cutting it anymore. Two brothers made it their mission to provide a much faster, more transparent, and innovative experience. One where you can easily track and manage your prescriptions, chat directly with a pharmacist, and get your meds delivered swiftly same day. Not to mention save time and money. It's not too much to ask for and it's ultimately what you deserve. MEDS, short for Medications & Essentials Delivered Swiftly is not just our brand. It stands for who we are and what we do.

I will never go back to another pharmacy again...Thank you for making our busy family's world much easier
Mary Kate Austin