Medications & Essentials Delivered Swiftly

How it works

It's all in the name
Medications & Essentials Delivered Swiftly
How does a Meds Transfer work?

If you are currently taking any medications and have any refills available whether at a big chain or a small mom and pop pharmacy, you can easily transfer your medications on the Transfer Prescription icon at the top of the page or when you download the app.

Simply input the necessary information and well handle the rest. During the process, we will contact your old pharmacy, all your doctors, and your insurance provider to make it easy and hassle free for you.

Sending a new prescription

When you're at the doctor and they ask “Where would you like us to send the prescriptions? “

Simply say MEDS or All doctors are able to send your prescriptions to Meds.

Get it delivered to you

At the point of delivery, please make sure either you or a loved one can sign for your delivery.

You can track and manage all your prescriptions conveniently on the meds app. You can easily refill any of your medications and if you ever have any questions, you can chat with a pharmacist on the Meds app or by texting 212 371 6000.